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Land, Weed & Pathogen Management

We have an arm of our business dedicated to land and weed management, focussing on combining specialist botanical skills with targeted weed control techniques. In particular, we have been integral in the State’s efforts to eradicate high threat early invaders such as needle grasses and African lovegrass. Our land management arm have a long-term involvement with the management of roadside conservation reserves throughout the State’s road network, including the removal of weeds, the control of dense woody natives in grassy habitats, and management practices beneficial to conservation significant native flora.

As part of our land, weed and pathogen management services we are available to complete weed management plans, strategies, conservation management plans, and undertake or oversee weed removal.

We also have extensive experience in the detection and management of the plant pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi, as well as control and detection of the lethal frog disease caused by chytrid fungus, and can produce rigorous management plans and project-specific containment measures for both of these pathogens.

Contact us today for a costed proposal to address your land, weed and pathogen management requirements.