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Fauna Surveys & Management

We have diverse and respected skills in fauna ecology, with staff having specialist backgrounds in avifauna (including eagles specifically), small mammals, lizards and frogs. We have capacity for (and experience in) conducting targeted surveys for all groups of Tasmanian threatened fauna, including devils and quolls, birds (including raptors, forty-spotted pardalotes, and the swift parrot), skinks, bandicoots, seabirds, invertebrates (such as the ptunarra brown butterfly, chaostola skipper, and the green-lined ground beetle), freshwater snails, freshwater and terrestrial crustaceans, and freshwater fish.

In particular, we are highly experienced in eagle nest detection and activity assessments, including aerial surveys from helicopter, and have extensive on ground experience in the detection and management of dens/burrows of ground-dwelling fauna, including devils and quolls, for which we are large users of motion detection trail cameras.

In addition to traditional survey methods, we have been industry leaders in using bio-acoustic technology for the detection of masked owls and green and gold frogs, and were the first in Tasmania to develop a targeted DNA marker for the detection of environmental DNA (eDNA) of the green and gold frog.

We do not specialise in surveying marine fish or mammals, but regularly collaborate with industry specialists in that field when required, with clients often benefitting from having us overseeing the marine surveying component in the general fauna assessment process.

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