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Bushfire Hazard Management & Ecological Burn Planning

We have several personnel qualified to undertake and certify bushfire hazard management plans (BHMPs) and bushfire attack level (BAL) assessments under Australian Standard AS3959. We have detailed knowledge of the requirements of local planning schemes in relation to bushfire hazard requirements and the interaction between this need and natural values management. Clients can save money and benefit from efficiencies on projects where we complete both the natural values and bushfire hazard management requirements.

Although fire can be lethal and destructive in urban areas, fire is a natural and important factor in maintaining biodiversity in natural ecosystems. Controlled ecological burns are an important tool used to maintain, regenerate and increase plant species diversity, as well as to manage habitat for native animals. Our plans benefit from our in depth knowledge of burn behaviour and vegetation ecology, resulting in outcomes that promote a diversity of native plants, a minimum of weeds and limit wildfire response.

Contact us for a costed proposal to address your bushfire hazard management or ecological burning requirements.