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Eco-tourism – Hall’s Island, Lake Malbena

The lessee of a historic hut on Hall’s Island, Lake Malbena, in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, came to North Barker while investigating the potential for guided tours to the island. The proposal included the construction of new huts (joined by boardwalk), a helicopter landing pad, as well as boardwalks and foot pads leading to points of interest. To assist in the avoidance of threatened natural values and inform a Reserve Activity Assessment and federal referral under the EPBCA, North Barker were engaged to undertake a flora and fauna assessment of the footprint.

Our survey made substantive corrections to existing vegetation mapping, resulting in an improved understanding of the distribution of threatened and sensitive vegetation. We also improved the mapping of a threatened conifer found on the island. Based on the survey data we were able to assist in a design process that avoids direct impacts to threatened species and communities. Several management prescriptions were also made to protect the threatened values from indirect and facilitated impacts.